Playconomics is a Massive Immersive Interactive Course designed to teach principles of economics by putting you in the shoes of economic decision makers. It uses the theory of gameplay and social learning to boost student engagement and academic performance, providing enhanced learning via an innovative approach that combines immersive environments (i.e., videogames), personalized feedback and interactive content to deliver a compelling experiential learning journey. 

Join us in this voyage and enjoy! :)

NEWS: Playconomics hase been awarded the UNSW Business School Bill Birkett Award for Sustained Teaching Excellence

NEWS: Playconomics hase been awarded the President's Award for Building Collaborations by the University of New South Wales 

NEWSPlayconomics hase been awarded the Golden Medal in Social Science category at the Reimagine Education International Awards organised by Wharton Business School in Philadelphia, US

NEWS: Playconomics goes higher and takes the Australian Government Citation for Outstanding Contributions to Student Learning

NEWS: Join us in celebrating the first win of the year for Playconomics: the UNSW John Prescott Outstanding Teaching Innovation Award

Many thanks to all of you who make Playconomics special!!

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